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7 Features to Consider while buying an Office Chair

Office Chair plays a very substantial role in the productivity, efficiency and various other aspects of our work, irrespective of the type of office we work in. A choice made without thorough research and knowledge may further lead to problems in focusing on work, decimate levels of work engagement and even lead to health problems. 

Choosing an office chair needs not to be hasted or it may lead to several implications. It is a time-consuming job that involves several factors to be researched like color, budget etc. which contribute a very large part in manipulating the final purchase. A furniture store may offer hundreds of goods to choose from, But the lack of proper facts will still be a big hindrance to the final result.

This may seem like an impossible task at first, but our guide will ease your process by taking you through the most common factors. It will help you to assess the type of chair which will be a perfect fit for you and your office. This will save time, labor and money and help you make the smart choice.

Mentioned below are some of the most crucial features that you must consider while buying a chair.

1. Adjustable Height

Every individual has different heights according to your age, shape, size or genes. The ability to improvise the height of your chair seat according to your requirements is very important as it determines the level of comfort while sitting for prolonged hours. To prevent the risk of muscle and back strain the product should have the capacity to be adjusted so that your thighs are in level with your hips.

If the chair is too high you will have to bend to keep your feet on the ground which creates an uneasy posture and leads to the risk of damage to muscles. If it’s too low your back will be struggling to get support. While going through your options make sure the chair has good adjustable height controls which are easy to use and durable for a long time.

2. Tilt Control

The angular position of your seat is a significant factor too. The chairs are not always capable of adjusting to your desires but the feature of tilt gives a product a heavy advantage over the others. A little recline helps your spine to relax as one works for indefinite hours and creates tension in muscles. If muscle strength or overall endurance is compromised, clients will be unable to hold themselves upright for prolonged time periods. There are only a number of furniture companies which provide this feature. It is advisable to extract some data on tilt controls before making a purchase.

3. Arm Rest

Armrest feature in an office chair is an important medium of support, comfort not only to the forearms, but all to the neck and shoulders as these are joined muscles. Even though the chair might come with this feature it might not come in handy due to the different body sizes. If adjustable arms are higher than usual then it may create tension while being too low leads to discomfort in arms.

The one which stands out is the armrest which corresponds to the customer’s preferred forearm position. The most suitable level is when the forearm is in level with the keyboard as a working person has the need to constantly typing and using his devices. This feature has great significance while buying a chair and this should help you narrow down your options to the best fit.

4. Seat Dimension

A seat of a chair should be spacious enough to accommodate its owner. If the dimensions are miscalculated, you may end up with a narrow chair that will make you feel like you are enclosed in a constrained space or a roomy chair which will make you hunch forward, and cause unrest.

To choose the most suitable chair, always check the length, width and height before buying. After the knowledge of dimensions do some compare and contrast and the above-mentioned problems shall no longer persist.

5. Material & Support

Office chairs are available in quite a wide variety in the market these days. You need to be careful about the type of material your ideal chair is made of. A mesh back chair helps you keep cool and ventilated, and gives you a breathable feel. Leather, faux fur or velvet seats provide a more sleek and premium look which can be used as a medium to impress colleagues and coworkers. Hard and soft cushion options are also available to choose from in the shops online or offline.

You should prioritize and customize these looks according to your requirements. Remember, a fancy-looking chair may help you impress others but those chairs are often uncomfortable and might not give you the ergonomic support which is the major purpose of any office chair. Always look for durable, strong and substantive support in a chair rather than pondering about its sleek finish and embellished looks.

6. Lumbar Support

The Lumbar region is located between the hips and the chest running through the spine. It is large and strong still it needs support as ignorance may lead to serious damages and health issues. Lower back strains are a common issue among office workers, so the chairs are specially designed to provide protection to the customers and help reduce the need of visiting a doctor. You should choose a chair best for your body type. You can buy a seat that promotes an “S-shapedspinal feature or a neutral back.

7. Other Features

Besides the features mentioned above, these are some features that are small but still have a significant impact on the usefulness of a  chair for e.g. 1. A chair with a good pair of wheels will help in smooth movement and multitasking.
2. The headrest can help reduce stress and is good for taking small leisure breaks between work.
If you have specific medical concerns, it’s worth considering these ergonomic office chair options.

Office Chair Options to Choose From:

1.Executive Chairs
An executive chair is a premium, long back office chair providing comfort and support to the upper body. The top-notch material and high build quality ensure durability and quality guarantee. These chairs are correlated with the seniority of the officials who use it. These are the chairs reserved for the upper-level management in a company like CEO, directors etc. conveying the role they play inside an organization. With tall arms, back and matte black or brown finish the show that the owner of the chair is the one in command. It can also be used as a signal to show others that you are not to be squabble with.

2.Ergonomic Chair
Ergonomic chairs are the chairs which are most suggested and typical for office use and work. They come loaded with features that can adapt easily to the user’s requirements. These chairs are associated with high productivity,  levels, efficiency and better performance. It prevents fatigue and tension. The features of an ergonomic are synonymous to all the features mentioned in the above paragraphs, like lumbar support, adjustable height, armrest, title, etc.

3.Conference Room Chairs

The conference is a vital component that exists within every type of office environment. Conference chairs are millenial and not very flamboyant but they create a professional sensation inside the room. These chairs aid the participants in a meeting to be attentive and put their focus on the agenda. They have thick padded cushions, providing good lumbar support. The most common materials used in them are leather, faux leather, mesh etc.

4. Recliners

Recliner chairs are a good companion for back support. They enable thewur users to relax their backs by lowering the chair’s back which helps them to lean and reduce the tension in the spinal cord. They allow some extent to ease as the back can get sore from working long hours in the upright position. They are an essential part of an office as everyone needs to give their body some leisure time to restore their lost stamina. These chairs are also called “action” and “motion” furniture.

5. Guest Chair

Guest chairs can be spotted in a =n office in a meeting room or receptions or in the waiting area. They come in different shapes and sizes and are essential because how a guest perceives the office is the way of hospitality and comfort they are provided. Their chairs are fancy and come in different colors to add a splash of vibrancy to the office and to make the guest feel welcomed. Guests are often in the form of business investors, partners, customers so these chairs should be chosen wisely so as to reflect a positive light in the eyes of the visitor.

7. CEO Chairs

These chairs make it clear that they hold the superiority and are meant for the people in the top cycle of the business. Its aesthetics are and ergonomic design makes it look very premium and high-end furniture. CEO’s are the pillar for upholding the business and keeping things in order. They do work for long hours and vigorous tasks. These chairs ensure that the superiors are having all the comfort and features like swivel, tall back, leather finish, premium looks, etc.

8. Mesh Office Chairs

Mesh is simply stretched across a chair frame on the seat and back. The mesh is comfortable and adjusts according to the body build. It is a lightweight material with pores in it which helps in ventilation and rather gives a cooling effect and breathing sensation. These chairs help reduce uneasiness, unlike the heavily cushioned chairs which often give the sensation of stifle. These chairs are suitable for working, gaming, studying for prolonged hours, and helps your back and spine relax.

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